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Hi.. Assalamualaikum. a beautiful morning today.. today is the last day for the extraction experiment.. im just want to update this because long time no update here.. Nothing serious, just trying to be happy always although the reality is not like that..There are a lot of unspoken words these day.. we try our best in works, we also deserve to get the best from God.. God doesnt give what we want, God gives what we need.. He knows about our wants and needs, also we need to be able to differentiate them too.. Although sometimes He doesnt give what we want, but He always give what we need.. Oh God, show me the best pathway in life.. I did the best in what i have planned for.. and always pray for the best result.. God, I know it is not easy, but do give me strength to face it and make me at the strongest that i can be.. Insyaallah.. Lets live our life to the fullest.. peace =)


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