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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pi ei ar ef ei si ti ai oo en (part 2)

It has been a long time since the last post..hehe now it has come to time for me updating the posponed post, (pi ei ar ef ei si ti ai oo en (part 2)).. Continued from the last post, where i went to midvalley mega mall and observed a beautiful sexy amoi promoting some sort of cosmetic product, maybe whitening cream.. I wondered to myself, if anyone buy and try those cream on themself, does all people using the cream can get themselve whiter? and getting the perfect skin ?.. im just wondering.. After that, one by one new questions have came to my thinking.. Yes, of course.. we are trying but God has the power.. He will determine what is our destiny, we just put some efforts and God will determine the final result.. But always be remember, whatever result He give to us, please believe that it is the best thing for us for the moment.. not to forget, please try our best in everything we do and Allah will give the best for us.. Tawakkal and Insyaallah.. Also.. does perfection exists in this life? What determines the perfection? For me, nothing in this world is perfect.. Absolute perfection belong not to human, not to angels, but only belong to God.. People say, practice make perfect..practice will never make you absolute perfect, but 99.9% perfect, maybe yes.. practice make us competent in what we are doing.. we are familiar with it and it will be easier for us.. that's the actual thing.. This is my thinking only, different man may have different opinions is it? hehe And lets talk bout supermodel and miss/mr universe.. wow, technically, they are the most beautiful, the most handsome, and having the best body cut for the year. But still we cant say that they are perfect man because they are still showing their aurat to other people.. still cant be considered as perfect And lets talk about superhero.. theoritically, superhero is the human race savior.. they are strong, most of them are handsome and having sixpacks.. But still they are not perfect.. See ironman, tony stark without iron suit are not a superhero.. So, superhero title should be given to tony stark or to the suit..? or maybe to both of them since they are needed to each other.. But actually, to be honest ,im very amaze of ironman character, dont know why.. Superman, still cant be considered as perfect since he is wearing the underwear outside the suit. I myself, very2 far away from perfection. i admit that and im suppose to actually.. Since im making a lot of grammatical error while typing this update, that is one of the the sign of imperfection and a sign of being very far away from perfection.. Mankind should search and seek for perfection no matter how. The greater person is the nearer person to the perfection. Every person has their own way to be a greater person from time to time.. Insyaallah, if we try our best.. the great things will come to us.. it is only the matter of time.. just be patient and tawakkal.. aminn =) Thank you.. =)