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Sunday, September 29, 2013

nasi goreng perencah

aish.. nk tulih apo pon dop tau nih,,

hari ni i masak nasi goreng kampung,
sebijik cam masakan chef bila i pkai perencah,
kdg2 time rajin x pakai perencah,
,tp bila time mals dan nk cepat , i pakai la perencah.. he5
several months im no update anything here,
something good will come if we put effort on it,
i found someone that made me realize smt bout life, this 'smt' was very meaningful for me.
As i thought again and over again bout that, i realized i hve made a big mistake b4,
yeah, i hve to change. I have made some actually. God.. i dont know why i didnt ever thought bout it, 
im already 23 and alhamdulillah Allah gave me an aerly turning point to change.
hm, x kesah la org nk ckp apo,
hdup kita bkn lame pon kn..happy sokmo n cheer always hehe

happy thursday, assalamualaikum just feeling like want to write something here.. huhh, is has been more than one month since my last writing here.. now,i got something new to do everyday.. almost in everyday i did those thing.. quite interesting to do those thing now..hehe everyday, i got my laptop on9 and start google-ing a my everyday must google website that is ********.com. I learned to walk through this website since i started something new in my life. Actually, i discovered it a long time ago, if im not mistaken, it was 2 years ago when i read a book writen by donald trump.. After that, i share those book with my friends. for me, the contents of the book is very motivative and of course, it has motivating me before! I put some effort and spend some times everyday on this 'something new'. It gives me a broader vision on how is our economy running everyday. Before this, i never got any clear information bout this but now, i have some of that knowledge! Alhamdulillah, I hope this thing goes very well as planned. Im glad to do some new discoveries in this field, honestly. Last month, i met one of the osk bank remieser (dont know the exact spelling), she told me today's challenge is more challenging than yesterday's challenge. And of course, tomorrow's challenge will be more challenging compare than today. Be always remember, we only live for today and tomorrow insyaallah. We never live for yesterday. So, it always will be more challenging! Ready for the coming challenges !! Pakai baju besi siap2, isi peluru and siapkan payung, takot2 hujan hahaha

Hi.. Assalamualaikum. a beautiful morning today.. today is the last day for the extraction experiment.. im just want to update this because long time no update here.. Nothing serious, just trying to be happy always although the reality is not like that..There are a lot of unspoken words these day.. we try our best in works, we also deserve to get the best from God.. God doesnt give what we want, God gives what we need.. He knows about our wants and needs, also we need to be able to differentiate them too.. Although sometimes He doesnt give what we want, but He always give what we need.. Oh God, show me the best pathway in life.. I did the best in what i have planned for.. and always pray for the best result.. God, I know it is not easy, but do give me strength to face it and make me at the strongest that i can be.. Insyaallah.. Lets live our life to the fullest.. peace =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. . .

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. . . I want to update this right away after i got this idea. slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I remembered bout several things when this idea came to my mind. Actually, this phrase can be related with our life.. There is one analogy that have came to my mind. The analogy is when we are studying for the exam or reading some books. If we study slowly and smartly, all the lesson we will understand easier. This make our study run smoothly because we dont need to reread what we have studied ealier. This also makes us not missing any important point in our study. If we are studying in a rushing condition and carelessly, in the end, the less we will understand thus makes our study less effective. Therefore, better for us to just study slowly and carefully as the result in a longer time, this actually can make our study faster. The same goes with our praying. In performing ibadah to Allah, we have to do perfectly. In order to achieve almost perfection in ibadat such as solah, better for us to do it slowly as slower movement in solah can make us perfoming it calmly. Actually, solah is some sort of reflection to ourself and to our life. If we perform solah calmly, we will also face our life calmly. Whatever obstacles come to us, we will be strong enough to face it calmly, insyaallah. And the most important is, our life will not be rushing and be as calm as we are in the solah. But if we perform solah in a rushing condition, we afraid that our life will be as rushing as our solah too. Always be rushing in life actually is not good. This can make us not feeling calm and the worst is, we will not have the calmness to face the obstacles in life. When our ibadat is smooth, insyaallah our life will be smooth too. It is like the sea. Although sometimes there is waves, but overall it seems beautiful, just nice and we can feel calm by appreciating it. A smooth life can remember us about death and also about the doomsday. Remember, one of the sign of doomsday is when the human can feel the time is running so fast and the life is also fast.This can help people to be a better man from before. In ibadah, we have to perform it perfectly.. we have to... and insyaallah, then we will feel the satisfaction with ourlife and also we will feel that our life is just running fast and smooth. This can make us appreciate what we have and be a good man in this big wide universe. Satisfaction with life is the key of happiness for a human being.. key off happiness.. just live our life, put the best effort, and tawakkal.. the best detiny will be ours.. insyaallah wslm.. =)