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Sunday, September 29, 2013

nasi goreng perencah

aish.. nk tulih apo pon dop tau nih,,

hari ni i masak nasi goreng kampung,
sebijik cam masakan chef bila i pkai perencah,
kdg2 time rajin x pakai perencah,
,tp bila time mals dan nk cepat , i pakai la perencah.. he5
several months im no update anything here,
something good will come if we put effort on it,
i found someone that made me realize smt bout life, this 'smt' was very meaningful for me.
As i thought again and over again bout that, i realized i hve made a big mistake b4,
yeah, i hve to change. I have made some actually. God.. i dont know why i didnt ever thought bout it, 
im already 23 and alhamdulillah Allah gave me an aerly turning point to change.
hm, x kesah la org nk ckp apo,
hdup kita bkn lame pon kn..happy sokmo n cheer always hehe