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happy thursday, assalamualaikum just feeling like want to write something here.. huhh, is has been more than one month since my last writing here.. now,i got something new to do everyday.. almost in everyday i did those thing.. quite interesting to do those thing now..hehe everyday, i got my laptop on9 and start google-ing a my everyday must google website that is ********.com. I learned to walk through this website since i started something new in my life. Actually, i discovered it a long time ago, if im not mistaken, it was 2 years ago when i read a book writen by donald trump.. After that, i share those book with my friends. for me, the contents of the book is very motivative and of course, it has motivating me before! I put some effort and spend some times everyday on this 'something new'. It gives me a broader vision on how is our economy running everyday. Before this, i never got any clear information bout this but now, i have some of that knowledge! Alhamdulillah, I hope this thing goes very well as planned. Im glad to do some new discoveries in this field, honestly. Last month, i met one of the osk bank remieser (dont know the exact spelling), she told me today's challenge is more challenging than yesterday's challenge. And of course, tomorrow's challenge will be more challenging compare than today. Be always remember, we only live for today and tomorrow insyaallah. We never live for yesterday. So, it always will be more challenging! Ready for the coming challenges !! Pakai baju besi siap2, isi peluru and siapkan payung, takot2 hujan hahaha