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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A beautiful feeling

Today is friday.. such a beautiful day.. im going to somewhere I feel good to be there.. and only me know where im going.. hehe some information for today,actually this morning around 9 am, my mom called me.. My mom told me that my great-grandmother passed away this morning, Innalillah to her.. my full condolece for her.. Hope that her spirit will be rest peacefully.. My great-grandmother suffer from stroke.. quite critical actually where last two month, she cant move all parts of her body for two days (if im not mistaken).. very pity of her.. I can accept this news calmly because im already know about her suffering and sometime im quite sad by looking at her because of her condition.. Last year, her husband, my great grand-father passed away.. and this year is her turn.. innalillah.. We have to wonder, when will be our turn.. we do not know.. only God know our destiny ,our future, our life partner,our sustenance and our death.. We are human being never ever can predict when will be our death.. Only God know when it is and only He determines how should we die.. The question is, have we prepared for death.? hehehe that all for this morning, a bit sharing.. so, so long!.. wslm =)